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Fabric Protection

We all invest a lot of money in our home furnishings and because we know that stains and spills happen to our fabrics, area rugs, and carpets no matter how hard we try to avoid them. At MyCleanSofa our Fabric Guard stain protection is designed to coat and soak into each fiber with protection, rather than simply coating the outside only. Without a product that soaks into the actual textile or fibers it can easily be removed with just light wear and tear. Our product and application allows for better stain repellency and soil release when cleaning is required. Our fabric guard is designed to be strong enough to withstand professional cleaning, but it should be reapplied every 2-4 years to make sure it doesn’t wear down in the highest traffic areas. MyCleanSofa fabric guard can be applied to almost all textiles, and will not change the colour, or feel of the fibers. Having your upholstery protected by an invisible shield will make you live with more freedom in your own home. It repels stains, resists soiling, and keeps your fabrics looking newer for longer.


- Will Fabric Guard change the way my textiles feel or look?

No, Our Fabric Guard is guaranteed to not alter the color, or feel of the treated areas

- Does Fabric Guard need to be reapplied after cleaning?

No, our Fabric Guard is strong enough to last through a professional cleaning. Although we do recommend that you reapply if the cleaning takes place after 2 years from the original application of the protection

- Can I have my Silk upholstery protected? And my antique Persian rugs?

Yes, our Fabric Guard can be used on any textile available.


When Fabric Guard is applied professionally and correctly, it easily pays for itself by extending the “show room” appearance of your fabrics. Allowing you to keep a cleaner, brighter home for years to come.

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